Sponsored Video: Lipton Ice Tea Asks: Are You a Daybreaker?


Are you a morning person? Over the past month or so Lipton Ice Tea has been sharing some especially tasty ways for even the crankiest of grizzlies to rise and shine with joyful anticipation of the day.

From a zip down a giant waterslide, to a scenic cruise along the Thames or the chance to catch the ultra popular Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A, Lipton gave Londoners good reason to get up and get going.

The above video features some of the best bits from Lipton Ice Tea’s #BeADaybreaker series of free events.

Looks like fun, huh? It certainly looks like the sorts of activities that would put a spring in your step and have you feeling full of energy the whole day through.

Me? I’m finding that more and more I’m an early bird myself. I’m getting up earlier than ever these days – partly to keep up with my workload and ensure I make the most of my time but partly because the morning is the nicest part of the day. I know the morning is when I’m most productive and equally most reflective too.


With the warm weather we’ve been having here in London lately (did I actually just say that?!?) a cold bevvie like an ice cold tea served straight from the fridge is an ideal drink to help with keep cool while you’re waking up. I wonder what sort of sunny fun Lipton Ice Tea is brewing for future post-slumber adventures? A quick look at liptonicetea.com suggests there plenty more refreshment to follow.

Sponsored by Lipton Ice Tea

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