International Street Food Challenge: Orange Buffalo’s Wings and Blue Cheese Dip

DSC07661Orange Buffalo’s wings

I had a lot of fun foraging my foodie way through TravelSupermarket’s International Street Food Challenge a couple of weeks ago in Shoreditch. The free event offered guests the chance to sample a variety of authentic and delicious dishes cooked by a variety of vendors from around the world. One of the highlights for me was getting to chat with Nick White, one of the founders of Orange Buffalo, and have a bite of his awesome and fiery Buffalo wings.

Already a fan of Orange Buffalo, I was chuffed to learn some tips from Nick on how to make my own wings at home and to receive the Orange Buffalo recipe for rich and creamy blue cheese dip – the quintessential accompaniment (along with celery) to a plate o’ wings. Cooking up my own wings was a breeze. And that dip may very well become a refrigerator staple in the tikichris household.

DSC07699My homemade version of Orange Buffalo’s wings

For some reason, Nick and crew weren’t so keen to share their recipe for their award winning hot sauces. Funny that. But my own concoction equal parts Frank’s Redhot Original and Frank’s Redhot Xtra Hot plus a gob of butter did the trick well enough (though was no where near and yummy as OB’s sauces).

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about another tasty treat I savoured at the Challenge and then attempted for make for myself back home: Copper and Wheat’s croque monsieur au comté.

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