Sponsored Post: Dublin, Top Choice … for Second Place?

Check out this hilarious video about all the amazing things Dublin does exceptionally well. Maybe not quite well enough to be considered first in the field, but certainly among the very top contenders. A solid second in many cases.

Yes, the World’s Second Friendliest City (according to the video) is as fun loving and vibrant a destination as any you’ll ever visit and makes an excellent choice for as a city break destination. In fact, Dublin won runner up for Europe’s Leading City Break Award for 2015. And if you’re thinking of investing in property, guess which city recently came in the number two position as the best place to invest in real estate? You got it. Dublin!

The takeaway from the video (for me anyway) is that one thing’s for sure. The Irish sense of humour is second to none! You’d be hard pressed to find a city more comfortable in its own skin and more capable of not taking itself too seriously than the most penultimate place on the planet: Dublin. And if I may speak from my own experience, the city’s got some of the best pubs in the world and without doubt serves the best-pulled pint of Guinness I’ve ever sipped. Hardly the biggest conurbation on the planet (or even close to a respectable second in such a category), compact Dublin is only a stone’s throw away from the mountains and the sea, and charming towns and villages with the whole of Europe just a hop, skip and budget airline flight away.


Already made plans to go away somewhere? On second thought, you might be better off heading to Dublin.

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