Good Stuff #48

Grub Kickstarter

Good stuff and lots of it! Here’s the low down on some fine things to see, sip or savour – all of which I’ve recently come across and thought were worth sharing with you. Enjoy.


Edible insect innovators, Grub, is running a Kickstarter campaign to help in the funding of the launch of its Eat Grub Bar made with cricket flour and an aim to keep people healthy and the planet happy. The bar is the work of Chef Seb Holmes (former Head Chef of The Smoking Goat) and is described as a “rich mix of super healthy ingredients and a great source of protein.” According to a report out this month published by the UK’s government’s waste agency, alternative protein sources will be needed for humans and livestock to reduce land and energy use – stating the problem of supplying the UK’s population with a nutritional and sustainable protein supply will be “one of the defining challenges of the coming decades.” 

Fiskars X-Series Axes 

Fiskars has released its 4th generation X-Series range of axes. I recently my hands on the 14” X7 hatchet and am glad to have it among my small but growing assemblage of tools for the garden. Balanced well with a power-to-weight ratio designed to increase swing speed to multiply power “much like an aluminium baseball bat,” this super tough axe features a forged steel, low-friction blade, a shock-absorbing FiberComp handle with textured non-slip grip, and an especially safe and handy shealth. It comes with a lifetime warranty (all axes in the X-Series come with at least a 25 year warranty).

Global Knives Ni Cromova 18 Stainless Steel GN-07 

Speaking of cutting edge products, this 15cm vegetable knife is my go-to blade for many a kitchen task. It’s feather light with a hollow weighted handle feels right in the hand this Japanese stainless steel blade does a superb job slicing and dicing and comes with a lifetime warranty. I can see why so many chefs and kitchen pros rely on it (insert here mention of the strong relationship between Global Knives and the Roux family of chefs).

Edge of Belgravia Black Diamond

Edge of Belgravia

And while I’m honing in with sharp focus on quality kitchenware … Edge of Belgravia’s Black Diamond – an angular float knife block – is a distinctively attractive but above all functional addition to my kitchen counter. It’s probably the best looking piece of kit in the kitchen too. Designed by Christian Bird, the block is can fit up to 11 knives and is suitable for most blades (4mm thick or less). Sliding knives in and out of the Black Diamond is a breeze.

Brompton & Meantime

Iconic London brands Meantime Brewing Company and Brompton Bicycle have launched a craft collaboration resulting in a Meantime inspired bike and a Brompton inspired brew. I had a sit on the former and a taste of the latter. Thumbs up to both. The team up is part of Meantime’s Make Time for It campaign “challenging other craftspeople to crate something special over a six week period.”

The limited edition Brompton Lager is a full-bodied beer with a fruit, spice and floral palate (nice one for Christmastime). As for the Meantime Bike, it’s an S2L finished with specs suited for a ride in London and features two gears and a sporty ride position.

Looking for a chance to win a bike and drink free beer? Ahem:

Slap Ya Papa

As previewed here tikichris, I tagged along to pop-up impresarios Slap Ya Papa’s Thanksgiving supper club. Great downhome Nawlins style eats! And a much appreciated opportunity to turn on my girlfriend to the wonders of candied yams. In addition to enjoying thoroughly the food, music and festivities, I was blown about by the venue: Styx Bar in Tottenham Hale.

The Journey of a Germ

Insects, axes, knives, beer, bikes, and slaphappy supper clubs? What a mess! And this time of year can get especially messy and germy with all the shuffling around town, cold weather and such. Dettols know how important it is to stay healthy during the winter cold and flu season and have release a new video in conjunction with the Global Hygiene Council with tips on how to clean and prevent the spread of cold and flu.

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