Badolina Brings Big Flavour to Bishopsgate


Juicy marinated meats full of moreish Mediterranean flavours and grilled over charcoal for a quick-serve, healthy and delicious takeaway? Badda bing! Badda boom! Badolina brings it to Bishopsgate.

Badolina is part of the triumvirate of eateries owned by Uri Dinay. His other two – Pilpel and Barraka – I have expressed much love for in the past (most recently about Barraka). Same story here with Badolina. And I’m not alone.

Yes, it’s safe to assume you’ll encounter a queue almost anytime you go – especially during weekday lunchtime. But it’s equally reasonable to keep in mind that the queue will move pretty quickly and you’ll get your food made fresh and served with a smile. Within a bite or two of whatever you order it should be obvious why that queue was there.


What to get? It’s a tough call. But you can be sure the meat will be tender. Choose between the Spicy Mediterranean (boneless chicken thigh marinated with extra virgin olive oil, fresh chillies and paprika, £5.65); the Middle Eastern (chicken thigh marinated with za’atar, a touch of cumin, fresh sumac and seasonings, £5.65); and the Badolina Grill (minced lamb marinated with grain mustard, pine nuts, a touch of garlic, onion and parsley, £5.95).


They’re all gorgeous. I can’t narrow it down for you (hardly have been able to for myself when I’ve visited). I do rec the pitta over a salad though – but that’s just me. I also must suggest getting all the salads and toppings and as much tahini (the best!) as the person filling your order is allowed to give you.

Badolina is located at 206-210 Bishopsgate, EC2M 4NR. Find out more at

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