How to Get Around London for Cheap (Going Places)

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London is one of the world’s most popular destinations. A vast and varied metropolitan area with a wealth of attractions and centuries of history, the capital of the United Kingdom is Western Europe’s biggest city (to the east, both Moscow and Istanbul are significantly larger) and arguably the world’s best hub for getting anywhere else on the planet. But, it also can be a challenging place to navigate if you’re on your own and unfamiliar with London’s impressive array of transportation options.

Before we dive into any details on how best to get around, we should point out that public transportation in London is extremely safe. In most cases it is the cheapest and often quickest way to travel around town. Virtually every Londoner is well acquainted with the system and takes some sort of public transport on a regular basis. Although Londoners can come across as markedly reserved, they’re usually happy to field any basic questions you might have as a visitor.

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