East End Mob at BSMT Space, Dalston

P1050138 - Sweet Toof - East End Mob at BSTM Space

A graffiti-riddled Memory Lane cuts through Dalston with East End Mob, a newly opened exhibition at BSMT Space featuring works by some of London’s most influential and prolific street artists from the past decade.

Artists exhibited are A.CE, Atomiko, Coloquix, Cranio, Dscreet, Mau Mau, Mighty Mo, Pez, Rowdy, Sweet Toof, Tizer and Vinnie Nylon.

Minus some glaring omissions (Cyclops, CEPT, and Tek33 to name a few), the lineup is indeed vintage gold and properly representative of the late noughties style. The show serves as a fairly thoughtful crash course on (what I reckon was) the heyday of London street art as well while presenting the foundations laid for the ubiquity of street art across East London today (determine for yourself if that’s a good thing or not).

I enjoyed giving East End Mob a browse. It transported me to a time (2006-2009-ish) when I was hot on the local street art scene like a hound, chronicling it for this blog and a handful of other outlets (Juxtapoz, Whitehot, more). It’s hard to believe that’s a bygone era. Ugh, I’ve clicked into ‘old man reminiscing’ mode. Sorry!

East End Mob runs until 14 May 2017 at BSMT Space, 5D Stoke Newington Road, N16 8BH. Find out more at bsmt.co.uk and facebook.com/events/1971101619785654/.

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