Stress-Free Summer Cooking with Chef Adam Gray


Chef Adam Gray’s recipe for grilled tuna steak with red cabbage coleslaw and stem broccoli is sizzling summer dish that’s super scrumptious and easy to prepare.

I learned how to make it at a recent Stress-Free Summer Cooking MasterClass hosted by Great British Chefs at Cookery School on Little Portland Street with Adam giving hands on instruction and advice on how to cook and serve the dish.

The class was part of Great British Chefs’ Cook School series. I always have fun at these events, and this one was no exception. I was especially glad to attend it as it presented the opportunity to get back to one of my favourite foodie havens in London: Cookery School.


W1W 8BW cool thing about Adam’s recipe was that there was no trick to it. You need to pay attention but that’s about it. Grilling the tuna is about as simple as it gets. Ditto making cole slaw and the stem broccoli. It’s all very quick to bring together for a plateful of yum with deep flavour and a range of textures.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, a BBQ or a planning a picnic, keep this fast and flavoursome dish in mind.

Adam Gray’s grilled tuna steak with red cabbage coleslaw and stem broccoli recipe can be viewed at

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