Getting Past Writer’s Block


Keeping my mind ready and running when writer’s block hits can be tough. Despite being a writer now for many years, I’m not sure I’ve really figured out how best to get around it.

But it seems to happen with less frequency and for shorter durations than it used to. So maybe I am making progress with minimising its efforts.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? Maybe my tactics for combating it can help. Here are a few ideas for things to do that tend to help me unclog my thoughts and get back to productive writing when I come up against a wall.

Do the Dishes

Mindless tasks such as doing the dishes, cleaning my office, making the bed, etc are good ways to take my mind off my writing for a short time and focus on something necessary and active but not too taxing. Often I find that all-important “oh yeah” moment occurs in the midst of my task and resuming writing is a breeze afterwards.

Make Lunch

Kind of like what I was saying above about doing little chores around the house, cooking a simple meal for myself can help unlock the block as well. Indeed, sometimes my writer’s block boils down to the simple fact that I’m hungry. More than that though, cooking is a great way to loosen up the imagination and let new ideas spring to mind.

Take a Hike

Going for a walk is another brilliant activity for coping with writer’s block. Exposing myself to outside stimuli, breathing in some fresh air, removing myself from being “stuck” in the office, and moving the body breaks up the monotony of writing and gets the kinks out of the system.

Work it Out!

Speaking of moving the body, doing some exercise is maybe the best way to shake off writer’s block. Exercise gets the mental juices flowing and frees up my thoughts like nothing else. I’ve recently joined my local fitness centre. I’m finding going for a quick swim or short run can do wonders for my creativity and writing.

Online and Computer Games

Sometimes I just need to maintain a certain level of mental activity but pause on the writing. Like when you idle the car but don’t want to turn off the engine. In such cases, online and computer games come to my rescue. Online pastimes like EmotiCoins Slot at LeoVegas, Two Dots and good ole Tetris do the trick when I need to idle my brain but not completely turn it off.

How about you? What are your tips for coping with writer’s block?

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