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Hej! Here’s How to do Stockholm for $100 a Day (Going Places)

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a favorite destination for travelers seeking a friendly, clean, and virtually crime-free city where they can enjoy traditional Scandinavian charm mixed with contemporary cosmopolitan culture. Continue reading

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Sponsored Video: Best Lunch in Malmö?

Sweden’s third biggest city, Malmö, aims to draw food lovers from near and far with a new series of foodie videos. The series is presented by the city of Malmö to celebrate and honour its burgeoning dining scene with a … Continue reading

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Skip the Hippest Lines in Stockholm with the Berns Hotel VIP Wristband (OneTravel)

If you’re only going to be in Stockholm for a short spell but keen to be immersed in the local scene ASAP, booking the Berns would prove an especially wise move. Set in the heart of historic Stockholm, the 150 … Continue reading

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5 Scan-tastic Reasons to Visit Sweden’s Koster Islands (OneTravel)

About a month back I had the pleasure of visiting the Koster Islands, Sweden’s most westerly populated (if only sparsely) islands. Just south of the Norwegian coast, it’s a rugged and beautiful part of the world and a great place … Continue reading

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Lobster Safari in the Koster Islands, West Sweden

The Koster Islands are situated off Sweden’s western mainland just south of Norway. It’s a beautiful part of the world – a rugged and ‘out there’ archipelago where wilderness and cultivation blend in such a way as to suggest that humans and nature actually can get along. Summer’s the main time folks visit this tranquil area, but I was there at the onset of autumn for the start of the lobster season. Lured by the prospect of catching (and eating!) the regionally renowned “black gold of the sea” lobsters for myself from one of the cleanest of nutritionally rich fjords in Scandinavia, I tagged along on a Lobster Safari “activity and dining experience” offered by the lovely little Hotel Koster on the island of Sydkoster. Continue reading

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