Get a £1 Scoop of Greedy Goat Ice Cream at Piccadilly Circus and Leather Lane Market

Greedy Goat Ice Cream - Maple & Pecan Scoop

The Greedy Goat has been wowing Borough Market shoppers for some time now with its ice cream made with British goat’s milk. Now the folks at the Goat are giving more Londoners the chance to have a taste of their frozen treats with a new concession at Piccadilly Circus and a stall at Leather Lane Market. And with a limited run offer for tikichris readers to get a scoop of any flavour for only £1, ewe would be crazy not to give this goat’s ice cream a lick!

For people who are lactose intolerant, goat’s milk ice cream is a great alternative to cow’s milk ice cream. It’s also lighter, more refreshing and healthier in a lot of other ways too. Comparing goat’s milk to cow’s milk ice cream, a lot of people would say it leaves less of a film in the mouth and is sort of like a mix of traditional ice cream and a sorbet. I think they might have a point.

Greedy Goat Ice Cream - Ice cream in freezer

I sampled a variety of Greedy Goat’s flavours the other day at the just opened Piccadilly Circus concession and was pleased with what I tried. I especially enjoyed the Maple & Pecan, the Salted Caramel and the Strawberry. I’m dying for another go though as I left craving a taste of the orange sherbet, carrot cake, and pistachio. There’s an impressive array of flavours (a visit to the original Borough Market Greedy Goat is your best bet for a look at the full range).

So yeah, I loved what I tried and was glad to have finally discovered the Greedy Goat. I was pleased to learn that this so called Greedy Goat isn’t really all that usurious after all. In fact, I got the owners to agree to offer readers of this blog a scoop of delicious ice cream for just £1 at the shop inside Piccadilly Circus Station and the newly launched stall at Leather Lane street market. All ya gotta do is say the magic word “tikichris” for a £1 scoop of ice cream.

That’s right – £1 for a (rather generous) scoop of ice cream when you mention tikichris.

The offer is only good for this coming Monday to Friday, 8 to 12 June, and only at Piccadilly Circus and Leather Lane.

Get Greedy Goat ice cream at Borough Market, inside Piccadilly Circus Station, and at Leather Lane Market (Monday to Friday). For more information go to

Greedy Goat Ice Cream - DSC07115

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