Crete Eats: A Grecian Agro-Adventure

Maddie Salters in Crete

Join Maddie Salters on an agricultural adventure on the island of Crete.

With winter tightening its chilly grip over the UK, I escaped to sunny Crete for an Agro-Adventure.

Agricultural blogging and eco-tourism weren’t my forte, which the Cretan Tourism Board and Mediaco seemed to have been counting on, when they invited me on behalf of the tikichris blog. I had never heard of an “agricultural adventure” (though I was plenty versed in their ultimate end: eating), and I departed London Heathrow with a curious mind, and a ready stomach.

What awaited me in Crete was the food journey of a lifetime. From field and farm to table, I would learn how to harvest olives and press them into oil, herd and milk the goats that would allow me to make fresh cheeses, and roll my own pasta. The trip gave me an appreciation for each sumptuous, sun-ripened bite I took along the way … and there were many! I’m dying to share some of the highlights with tikichris readers, in my series Crete Eats: A Grecian Agro-Adventure.

Stay tuned for more Crete Eats posts from Maddie!

About Madison Salters

Inflicted with wanderlust from a young age, Maddie is a native New Yorker who has lived abroad for half of her life, from cities spanning Montreal to Osaka. While there's still a lot on her 'to trek' list, she has currently landed with both feet firmly in London. As a seasoned writer and cultural essayist, you can find her work in print and online across international publications. In her spare time, she works with UNESCO, jots in notebooks, and tempts dogs into letting her pet them. She is thrilled to have the chance to guest write for the indomitable tikichris blog.
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