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The ninth celebration to mark my decade of blogging was a boozy little get together with a few other writers and friendly freelancer folk – a kind of yearend office party for those without offices – at one of my favourite bars in London: Artesian.

Regular readers of this blog might note it wasn’t all that long ago I was at Artesian, covering its new and limited run Festive Cocktail Menu. I just couldn’t keep away. And why should I? The bar and its mother ship bosom of luxury, The Langham London hotel, are among the most resplendent drop-in destinations in London.

As I said about that visit, it was my first chance to size up the work of newly appointed Head Bartender, Gabor Fodor. If this menu is any indication of Artesian’s future with Fodor at the helm, then fans of sophisticated drinks (and splendid settings from which to enjoy them) need not worry about this award-winning bar losing its lustre anytime soon.

Word is Fodor and team will unveil a new drinks menu in January.

Over the past ten years, it’s been a pleasure learning about what sets The Langham apart from other hotels, enjoying its great food, drink and hospitality. The hotel is one of the very few venues in London I’ve been keen to write about repeatedly – and one I hope I will continue discovering. As the hotel and in particular Artesian enter a new phase.

Good luck getting in Artesian there over the next couple of days, or on New Year’s Eve. I reckon it’s very much worth a poke-your-head-in attempt if you don’t have a rez. The bar was throbbing during my recent do with celebs dottign about from table to table. I should note, though, my experience has been that those few nether days between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are a great time to slide in to have the bar (or a multitude of other usually jam packed London venues) all to your merry self.

There’s a reason I saved this post as a last one before my brief Christmas break, and that’s to raise a toast to wish you all the best and to thank you for this amazing year.

So, doing the math? Yep, there’s one more final 10X10 happening that’s yet to occur! Stay tuned. I’ll get to it in a few days. Until then, have a happy Christmas.

Artesian at the Langham is located at The Langham London, 1c Portland Place, Regent Street, W1B 1JA. Find out more at

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