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What's in Your Money Pot? Group Holiday!

Hoping to go away on a group holiday with close friends or family later this year? Make that dream a reality with a Leetchi.com money pot.

Leetchi is a platform to pool money for group gifts, projects and nonprofits. I’ve teamed up with the folks behind the platform to publish a short series of posts about the most popular reasons people come together to collect money online and let you known how Leetchi helps them save time and energy while making the process fun and engaging.

One smart idea for putting Leetchi to work for you is to use the platform to raise money for a group trip. With Leetchi as your interface you can avoid pesky IOU situations while monitoring progress, encouraging participation and sharing motivation about the good times to come.

Wintery days still loom but summer will be here before you know it! And if 2017 flies by as swiftly as 2016 did, festive season bells will be jingling all too soon. Now’s a great time to get going on making that much talked about group holiday finally happen.

Getting started on this first step of your big getaway is quick and easy. Leetchi money pots come with a range of settings and features allowing you to customize and personalize with your own words and images and to determine how public or private you want contributor info to me. Wherever you want to go, Leetchi can help you get there.

About Leetchi

Leetchi just recently launched in the UK. Founded in 2009 by Céline Lazorthes, it’s already the leading money collection platform across Europe and has been used by six million people to finance a variety of events and projects via Leetchi online money pots.

Most money pots are used for group giving (birthdays, weddings, baby showers etc.), organising events (hen/stag dos, leaving dos) as well as launching personal projects and raising donations for nonprofits. Leetchi’s easy and secure interface allows anyone to create a money pot and invite others to participate with the financing.

How about you? What’s your money pot and how can Leetchi help make your goals a reality?

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