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Blogfoster UK

Make money blogging with newly launched blogfoster UK.

German startup blogfoster has launched here in the UK, bringing what looks to be a smart and straightforward way to earn money as a blogger or social influencer. I’ve signed up and am keen to give it a shot.

The innovative platform provides bloggers and online publishers with easy-to-use tools to analyse, optimise and monetise their sites along with chances to apply for sponsorship other collaborative opportunities from brands relevant to what they publish via their blogs and social media.

Blogfoster UK

Currently blogfoster works with more than 350 brands and agencies across 20 industries, Brands seeking collaboration with publishers through blogfoster include Amazon BuyVIP, TripAdvisor and Kenwood (to name but a few). When you sign up with blogfoster, you’re prompted to list your content’s specific categories and subcategories . So you’ll only receive invitations to connect with brands and work on campaigns that make sense for you and what you’re already doing. I’ve only just joined but can already see the potential to make money without changing how I blog much if at all.

In fact, this post you’re reading now is sponsored – by blogfoster actually to get the word out about its UK launch. The brief for this sponsored post was a thorough but quick read, laid out in checklist form. There don’t seem to be any curveballs or “fine print” issues, and the pay is spot on. If all blogfoster gigs turn out to be so streamlined and intuitive as this one, I think I’m going to love the experience.

Blogfoster UK

I rely on my blog to earn money for me – directly through sponsored posts and advertising and indirectly by getting my name and my writing out there for people to see. More and more, the revenue from adds up to a good chunk of monthly income. If blogfoster can help me earn more through my own site by writing about stuff that already interests me, I’m all for it!

Last year, blogfoster enabled more than 5,000 articles – and that’s before setting up shop in Britain. I’m certain now that it’s rolling out its services here, that number should increase significantly in no time. And I’m hoping to get my share of some of that and am glad to join the ride at this early stage in the game.

Blogfoster UK

How about you? Do you have a blog that should be earning more for you? Find out more at and start earning today.

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