Surprisingly Healthy Snacks for Any Party


Trying to find light meals that will fit each diet and nutrition needs of those attending your gathering can be difficult, especially if you know that more than one person struggles with dietary issues.

From game day to an Oscars party, you can’t always just pop open some Doritos and place them in a bowl. In addition to the cheesy tortilla chips and soda, add a few extra bowls of a lighter, healthier snack with low calories and less filling. Giving a variety of choices for your guests is the best way to keep them fed, happy, and ready to come back for the next party! Not all healthy snacks are noticeable, either, so you don’t have to alienate any of your diet-conscious friends with weird tofu get-ups. Instead, choose some of the most popular snacks that come with a much better effect on the body.

1. Trail-Mix! This way is one of the best to create one or more customized snacks with great ingredients. Nuts, dried fruit, seeds, cereal, grains, and sometimes a bit of sweetness can be added, such as dark chocolate chunks. You can make or buy specialty trail-mix and switch up the ingredients to feature different themes. Maybe make a candy one, or opt for a nutty, flavorful bowl!

2. Popcorn! Including a mini popcorn bar at a party is an excellent way to give all your guests the ability to create their perfect snack, customized to each person. If you already have a large popcorn popper, you’re halfway there! Just get some flavored salt shakers, such as herb and white cheddar, a couple of small bowls of butter, extra salt, or other toppings, and allow your guests to indulge in their favorite way to make popcorn!

3. Cheese, Nuts, and Fruit Trays! When you break out the wine, also throw a tray full of fruits, cheeses, and nuts onto the table to enjoy! On the side, you can put noteworthy dips and sauces, such as caramel for apples, or just leave it plain. The sweetness of the fruit and the filling nature of the cheese will compliment the urges for light snacking while drinking, and keep your guests satisified and full without filling them up with sugar and harmful preservatives.

4. Homemade Dip & Crackers! You can find all sorts of different crackers heavy on grains, seeds, and other healthy ingredients at nearly any grocery or whole foods store. Recipes for the healthy dip are easily found online, too, so start cooking up with fresh, natural ingredients for your guests! At healthy food stores, you can even find a few different flavors to purchase or draw inspiration.

5. Wholesome Appetizers! Either purchase frozen or make your own! In stores, you can find lots of different frozen or pre-made appetizers with all natural ingredients. And the Internet has tons of different options available as well. Leaving out a couple of these along with a couple of small snacks could form as a full meal, in case your party extends into the night.

Written by Jen Brenner

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