Our/Summer at Our/London Vodka Distillery


Enjoy a special Saturday with Alexandra Kalinowski at the Our/London vodka distillery.

Saturdays in East London are special. Maybe that’s just because when I first moved here Broadway Market was just a short 20-minute walk from my new home. And a good Saturday is now synonymous with a walk along the canal and trip to the market.

The thing is, Broadway Market is now a destination. Masses of people swarm the busy lane and park, noshing on street food and enjoying a couple of cool beers. So I’ve taken to finding a few things off the ‘beaten track.’ About a month back it was Morty & Bobs rooftop. Before that it was brünch and The Bread Station. Sit down places. You know, where you can go and enjoy the vibes and soak up the sunshine?

This weekend it was all about guzzling the vodka. Just about a 15 minute walk north in Hackney Downs is an old trailer and micro-distillery where Our/London vodka is created. Wheat-based, it’s a vodka that’s distilled around the world in cities like Berlin, Detroit (whoop!), Seattle, Amsterdam, NYC, LA and Miami. They all share the same recipe, but each city tweaks it slightly to give it its own character. The one in London is just a tad fruity, but let’s face it, vodka is pretty potent.

The distillery is stereotypical East London. Cue white walls, warehouse-style, table tennis, DJs and wooden crate outdoor seating. Naturally the neighbourhood has figured out there’s yet another gem in a quieter part of London because there was no shortage of people. And why would there be on Saturdays when there’s $5 vocktails and food from London’s top chefs including Lyle’s Freddie Janssen, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen’s Zoe Adjonyoh and Salon’s Nicholas Balfe.

Just don’t rock up too late like us (around 4pm) if you’re looking to nab any food. The summer line-up is so good they run out quickly! So we just kicked back and enjoyed some cocktails, our favourite being the vodka & ginger combo and listened to the music. It’s a place for everyone: young, old and kid-friendly given the space to run around.


Definitely get yourself down soon to soak up their Our/Summer series each Saturday until 19th August from 12-6pm.

Our/London Vodka Distillery is located at Spurstowe Road, E8 1LS. Find out more at ourvodka.com/ourlondon/2017/06/01/oursummer-the-line-up.

About Alexandra Kalinowski

Alexandra Kalinowski is usually found with one hand on the keyboard being a digital booze guru while the other holds some sort of food slathered in Nutella. When food isn't on the brain, she's contemplating her next trip. Originally from Chicago, she's found her home in London's cafes where she's currently exploring a new one each day for one year. Find her in one, or on social at @akboogie.
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