Graeme of Thrones

Graeme of Thrones

Spoiler alert! Graeme of Thrones (a live theatre parody of … well, I’ll let you guess) is a guaranteed guffaw inducing hoot with loads of loving comedy pointed in the direction of its inspiration.

Winter is coming and it’s going to be stupidly silly! A new comedy sendup of everybody’s favourite fantasy TV series promises gaffs galore. I certainly enjoyed several LOL moments during a staging this past weekend.

The three-person cast features John-Luke Roberts as gung-ho producer Graeme, Nicola Lamont as prima donna Bryony, and Ross Spaine as their hapless friend Paul, who set out to perform the ultimate stage adaptation of Game of Thrones – and stumble spectacularly along the way.

All in all Graeme is a winner – especially (but necessarily) if you’re a GOT gee. In all honesty, I suppose the show could be a good bit tighter. It doesn’t really lag, but it does hit the doldrums a few times. That said, it’s worth the ticket price (from £21) for the Hodor dance number or and the “Sansa gets her period” scenes alone.

Oh and it’s kinda gross too. Just like in the real GOT, there’s plenty of violence (of the slapstick variety) and nudity (kinda) and ham … lots and lots of gratuitous ham.

Graeme of Thrones runs until 11 November at the Charing Cross Theatre, in Craven Passage arches just off Villiers Street between Embankment and Charing Cross stations, WC2N 6NL.

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