Colour in the Bedroom

Colour in the Bedroom

The psychology of colour has been extensively studied for many years and evidence shows that colours do influence mood. Everyone from schools and hospitals to private homes are using colour to create specific effects. You can make improvements in your sleep quality by selecting the best colours for everything from paint colors to embroidered cushion covers, including embroidered bedding sets from Guzel Dezayns.

The psychology of colour can help you design a beautiful space or luxury comfort and relaxation. The duvet cover and embroidered pillow covers that are found at help to create the desired mood in your bedroom. All bedding sets are crafted with a neutral color palette that works to create a tranquil atmosphere in your bedroom.

Choosing the Right Colour to Set the Mood 

Some colours are more appropriate for the bedroom, while others are better for living areas. Brighter colours, such as red, yellow, or orange increase energy and provide warmth. These are perfect for use in living areas, such as the living room, kitchen, or dining room. However, these colours can be over powering. When used in the bedroom, they can actually contribute to insomnia, which reduces the duration and quality of your sleep.

Choose lighter, relaxing shades over bright, jarring tones for the bedroom. Pink and lilac are peaceful colors that are useful for creating a restful atmosphere in the bedroom. Blue and green are serene colours that are associated with nature and have a calming effect. These colors, as well as natural colour palettes are suitable for creating a relaxing space in the bedroom.

When redecorating the bedroom, consider how and where to use colour. Even calmer colours should be used with care. For example, pink or purple can be overpowering when used in large amounts, even though they are good colours to use in the bedroom. Tone them down with white, black, grey, or another neutral colour. Some darker and brighter colours are best used as accents in the room. Choose a calming colour for the walls and accent colours in more vibrant colours.

Neutral bedding offers a calming influence and can be used with any colour palette in interior design. In addition to colour, consider the material when buying bedding sets. Choose bedding that is made with comfortable 100% cotton in a high thread count. Bed linens with at least 800 thread count help to provide a comfortable and restful place to sleep at night.

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