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Good Stuff #68

Good stuff and lots of it! Here’s the low down on some fine things to see, sip, savour and more – all of which I’ve recently come across and thought were worth sharing with you. Enjoy.

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Llamas: From a Limerick to the Lake District

Our trek was with Lakeland Llama Treks. I loved every second of the experience and would highly recommend it (and the pros at Lakeland) to anyone. I had no idea taking a walk with a couple of llamas would be so amazing. Both Kemey and I led a llama each on a scenic stroll from the Llama’s Pyjamas B&B to nearby Brougham Castle (and back). Domesticated by the Incas some 4,000 years ago and a lot cuddlier than you might imagine, they are a pleasure to be around and are as calm as they are calming. Continue reading

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