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Packing Hacks for Removals in Watford

The experts at Super Man With A Van Removal Services have gathered some of the best packing hacks that you can use for all your upcoming moves. Continue reading

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USA to the UK? Tips for Future Expats.

Tapping into the worldly wisdom of all these globetrotters and hoping to give a little something back to people who use their services (or might need to in the near future), HiFX has recently asked expats who blog (and there seems to be quite a lot of us out there doing just that) to contribute some advice to their new Expat Tips page. Honestly, I’m not sure if I’d qualify as any sort of expert or not, but I certainly have my opinions about being from one country and living in another. I was happy to pitch in with some thoughts for US citizens contemplating a move to the UK when asked if I’d like to participate.” Continue reading

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Guest Post: How to Use Free Packing Cases for Removals

People who need to relocate have to face an enormous amount of packing. All their items, large and small, have to be packed adequately, in order to be protected from damage. Buying packing materials and cases is cheaper online, so … Continue reading

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Time Flies/To-Do List Looms

Summer. Seems so long ago. I moved flat back at the end of August. Months down the road, I’m feeling settled in and cosy – really loving the new home and confident I made the right decision. I know where … Continue reading

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More on Sofas

A couple of weeks back I was blogging about a rather epic struggle to get an old but otherwise perfectly fine sofa up some flights of stairs and through a few not so sofa-friendly doorways in my new flat. The … Continue reading

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Sofa Bed Blues

What started out as an easy purchase with free delivery of a big and comfy sofa bed back about a year ago when I lived in a ground floor studio flat with a wide front entrance turned into a bit … Continue reading

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