Urban Massage ‘Home Delivery’ Massage Service for London

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You know what I did all last week? Sat on my butt, dodged deadlines and tapped away on my MacBook trying to diminish a greater than usual workload. And that was pretty much it. To be sure, it was pretty boring but, in all honesty, not a terribly bad way to spend a week – I’m a writer by choice and certainly appreciate opportunities to make a little extra cash and contribute to some killer projects (all to be shouted out about soon). But, man, such a job can wreak havoc with my back and shoulders. So, when an offer came my way to review Urban Massage’s new “on-demand mobile wellness service delivering massages to home, hotels and offices by vetted, qualified and insured therapists who can be at your door/chosen location within 60 minutes notice,” I was like oooh yeah, please!

The one hour/£60 “Urban Classic” massage I received was easily booked online, received in my the comfort of my own home, and resulted in one of the soundest and most restful sleeps I’ve had in ages. Ah. The next day I was still feeling loose and relaxed from the treatment. Double ah.

Beyond the Urban Classic, there is a variety of services provided such as lomi lomi, pregnacy, sport, anti-cellulite and more ranging in price from £60 for a one hour/two hand massage to £180 for a two hour/four hand service. At the moment, Urban Massage is only available in London – the boundaries of which don’t seem to be clearly defined, but I had no problems getting a therapist arriving exactly on time to my Hackney E5 doorstep. There are plans to expand to “other major cities around the world.”

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking that to book with Urban Massage equals a little at home little hanky panky, you should think again. Urban Massage makes clear, it’s “entirely therapeutic and non-sexual in any nature” and if you make a sexual request, “you will be reported to the local police for sexual harassment.” Indeed, my therapist – Giorgia – was an excellent therapist with ten years experience, a super polite demeanour and a totally professional attitude – and with respect to my time with her, nothing else.

Something I feel I should point out – which isn’t so much a criticism of Urban Massage or any sort of complaint – is that going to a spa or wherever for a treatment and thus removing myself from all the trappings of everyday life is one of the key elements of a great massage for me. So, having it at home with all the homey stuff surrounding me was in way less than ideal. Still, I’m sure there are innumerable folks out there with hectic schedules or limited mobility who could benefit from this new service. Convenience trumps a lot of other factors in most cases anyway.

I certainly would be keen to book another appoint with Urban Massage and can confidently recommend it based upon my experience.

To book an appointment, go to urbanmassage.com. And when you do …

Be sure to take advantage of this code for a 10% discount off your booking: 


Yep, that’s me: always looking out for my readers by trying to pass on the good stuff I come across to you as best I can.

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