Win Italian Ham and Cheese | Prosciutto di San Daniele + Grana Padano

Win Italian Ham and Cheese | Prosciutto di San Daniele + Grana Padano

It’s a match made in heaven, or at least one of the more delectable corners of Northern Italy: a thin slice of Prosciutto di San Daniele and a thick chunk of Grana Padano. Keep reading for your chance to win a generous taste of this delicious ham and cheese combo delivered directly to your door for free.

Prosciutto di San Daniele and Grana Padano Cheese have been recognised by the
European Union as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products since 1996. So, they’re the real deal when it comes to tradition, origin, and flavour – and hold their own against all the great Italian hams and cheeses.

I’m a fan of both. In fact, when touring Northern Italy on my 2013 Ham Highway road trip, I made sure to take a pit stop in San Daniele di Friuli, where san Daniele hams are cured. Here’s what I said about it at the time:

With the Alps to the north whipping the area with cold mountain winds and the Adriatic sending warm sea air up from the south, San Daniele has a distinctive microclimate, which results in singularly flavoursome cured meats.

I’ve also been to the verdant Pianura Padana (ie the Po Valley) where Grana Padano is produced, but sadly not anywhere specifically making this rich cow’s milk cheese. But I certainly hope to some day. Grana Padano’s name is deprived from its grainy texture. Records of Grana Padano being made in the Pianura Padana dates to the 1100s when Benedictine monks first came up with its recipe as a way to preserve surplus milk.

Time for you to have your own taste of these two exceptional Italian treats?

To be in with a chance to win a package of Prosciutto di San Daniele and Grana Padano, simply tweet the following:

RT to win #ProsciuttoDiSanDaniele + #GranaPadano compliments of @tikichris: @SD_GP_PDO #EnjoyingPDO #HamAndCheeseWin

Please take a moment to read the terms and conditions before tweeting!


I’ll pick one winner at random on Friday 12 August at 11.30am BST. The winner will receive approximately 200g of sliced Prosciutto di San Daniele (ham) with approximately 400g of Grana Padano (cheese). To be eligible to win, you need to have an address in the UK where the prize can be delivered.

Find out more at the Prosciutto di San Daniele & Grana Padano Facebook page:

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