Good Stuff #59

Native Union Tag Cable

Good stuff and lots of it! Here’s the low down on some fine things to see, sip, savour and more – all of which I’ve recently come across and thought were worth sharing with you. Enjoy.

The Breath Co

Now available at Boots, The Breath Co’s range of range of premium oral care products features toothpaste, oral rinse, and lozenges designed to “work instantly” and over a 12-hour period to keep breath smelling fresh. I’ve tried the rinse and the lozenges; they do indeed take affect immediately (even after a mega-garlicky feast) and last a good long while. They help with dry mouth too. Apparently the secret is a special “oxygen and fluoride technology” containing no harsh ingredients including alcohol, detergents, artificial flavours, colours, animal products, or gluten.

Clearspring Organic Japanese Umami Paste

Clearspring has a new – and very yummy – Organic Japanese Umami Paste. Traditionally fermented with soy sauce and koji, the paste is high protein and vegan with no added sugar or fat. It comes in two flavours: chilli and ginger. I love using it as a base for soups, noodles, and sauces. I marinated a block of tofu with the chilli paste, chives and black sesames for dinner last night and was surprised by how tasty my dish turned out! The paste has a RRP of £4.40 and can be found on the shelves at Whole Foods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and selected independent health food stores.

Cuckoo Bircher Muesli

For breakfast a few times last week I enjoyed sampling the range of Cuckoo Bircher’s ‘modern mueslis.’ My faves were the mango and coconut with lime and ginger and the elderflower and cranberry with blueberry and blackcurrant. But all of these healthful and oaty 150g pots (high protein and fibre, low GI and only naturally occurring sugars) were tasty.

Diamond Whites Black Edition Liquid

Popular teeth brand, Diamond Whites, have launched Black Edition Teeth Whitening Liquid. You can buy it online for £9.99. I’ve been using the brand’s Black Edition teeth whitening charcoal (£14.99) off and on for a couple of weeks. Results are noticeable after only a few goes. The natural tooth polish is made from 100% activated coconut shell charcoal. It not only whitens teeth but strengths gums, removes toxins from the mouth and absorbs bacteria. If the new liquid version is similarly effective, it’s worth keeping in mind.

Folkington’s Sparkling Presses

Sussex-based indie drinks company, Folkington’s, has introduced a refreshing range of fruit presses. Called Folkington’s Garden, the range blends English fruits and flowers with ingredients from “sunnier countries.” Coming in at under 100 calories per can, the range includes these flavours: elderflower with Sicilian lemon; lemon and English mint; rhubard and apple; and (my favourite) ginger beer made with West African ginger balanced with English rhubarb and Sicilian lemons.

Lizi’s High Protein Granola

Lizi’s Granola has a new high protein granola soon to be launched. A single 50g serving of the new granola provides more than 25% of your daily protein needs – and only from vegetable protein, mainly via GM-free soy. So it’s vegan friendly. I had a sneak peek taste recently. It’s pretty good and ‘sticks to the bones’ so to speak to help cut down snacking. Look for it on the shelves at Sainsbury’s and Waitrose this September.

Native Union Tag Cable

Native Union’s new handy and stylish TAG Cable. Its loops around straps or key holders and features connectors for charging and syncing mobile devices from USB outlets that are concealed within a handcrafted Italian leather clochette. I’m taking mine with me just about everywhere.



Cheerz is a recently launched photo printing app and website enabling you to upload photos straight from your phone/computer, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox and more to create fun photo products such as its signature CheerzBox (a box filled with 30-45 Polaroid-style prints), photo booth-style strips, magnets, posters, and more. Turn around is fast, print quality is high, and a CheerzBox makes for an especially spiffy gift!


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