More Ways to Stave off Writer’s Block

More Ways to Stave off Writer's Block

I’m back with a few more tips on how to combat – and maybe even avoid all together – the dreaded writer’s block.

Not quite two weeks ago I published a post with some ideas about how to keep the mind ready and running when writer’s block hits. And, well, I guess in some small way those tips really worked (for yours truly anyway) because soon after I had a whole new batch of anti-blockage tactics come to mind. So I thought I’d share some of the better ones with you here.


Set your laptop to the side or turn off the monitor of your PC. Close your eyes, relax (but straighten your posture), focus on your breathing and just let all your thoughts go. Often, writer’s block isn’t about not having an idea to write about but having too many clogging up your writing flow. Clear them out by opening a mental window and letting a meditative breeze blow in.


Read something, anything: the news, the ingredients list on a cereal box, or maybe even (gasp!) a book. But be mindful while you do it. Think about how the writer constructed the text. Is there something that sparks with you for what you’ve got to write Maybe even do this before you start to write as a way to limber up your brain and get into writing mode.

Work on Something Else

If you’re suffering from a particularly tough case of writer’s block, why fight it? Maybe your brain is telling you “enough!” or “not right now” for whatever reason. You may find it easier – and more production – to move on to another activity until later.
Write Nonsense

Even once in awhile I’m able to plow ahead with my writing during a block by keeping writing about any and everything but my chosen topic. I play with rhymes and tap out gibberish, say the exact opposite of what I intend to write and basically try to break the rules of convention. Such a trick seems to help trigger new (and sometimes even better) ideas while keeping me in the frame of mind that’s most suitable for writing.

More Online and Computer Games

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